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COVID Disinfection

Why Trust ServiceMaster Advantage with Your Disinfection Services?

The SaniMaster disinfection service from ServiceMaster Advantage provides a smart and safe approach to cleaning your property. Our commercial disinfection services will remove all the bacteria, germs, and other items that might stick around your space. Take a look at what makes our service trustworthy, and you’ll see how essential our work can be for […]

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How to Prepare Your Commercial Office for Flu Season

The annual flu season can become a burden to any business. The issue is especially valid for commercial offices that need to be more productive during the holiday season. The good news is that you can utilize multiple strategies to get your office ready for the flu season. These ideas can work well alongside hiring […]

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How to Create a Re-Opening Disinfection Plan?

It’s challenging to disinfect your entire property by yourself. You might feel that you have killed all the viruses. But it may become the cause of transmitting the virus to your employees or clients. This is why you need to create a plan before re-opening your facility. When doing so, don’t forget to consider the […]

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