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Flooding Damage

Do You Have a Home Inventory Checklist?

A home inventory checklist is a document that states all the valuables and possessions in your home or business. Why should you keep a detailed record of this? There are many “what if” scenarios  where you would need such a document. On top of that, all insurance companies urge clients to keep an updated list […]

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Cleaning Up After the Floods in Houston, Texas

There are a number of factors to consider when you have severe flooding or storm damage affect your home or business. It is more than likely that you’re overwhelmed, uncertain of the health risks involved and trying to connect with your insurance agent to see what resources are available to you. At ServiceMaster Advantage, we’ve […]

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Water Damage Insurance Claim FAQ

Water damage is almost always a sudden emergency that leaves us flustered with what to do next. Because timing is so sensitive when it comes to water and flooding damages, it’s crucial to act fast and take the right steps as soon as possible. ServiceMaster Advantage in Houston has the answers for what to do […]

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