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Mold Remediation

Little Known Facts About Mold

Mold is an elusive and often misunderstood problem for homeowners and even business owners. The average person isn’t always the most educated on mold and there exists a lot of misinformation out there. Mold is everywhere and affects more people than you may believe. Here are some basic facts you should know to protect yourself […]

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Cleaning Up After the Floods in Houston, Texas

There are a number of factors to consider when you have severe flooding or storm damage affect your home or business. It is more than likely that you’re overwhelmed, uncertain of the health risks involved and trying to connect with your insurance agent to see what resources are available to you. At ServiceMaster Advantage, we’ve […]

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Signs that Water Damage is Causing Mold to Grow in Your Home.

ServiceMaster Advantage wants to make sure that your Houston property stays mold-free during the wet season. In Houston, although it is dry most of the year, many home and business owners are unaware that water damage can cause severe problems in the property. Not only is the water damaging to your infrastructure, but it also creates a moist environment for mold to grow […]

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