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Storm Damage

How to Prepare for Tornado Season

Tornadoes can cause catastrophic damage for homeowners in the United States. Every year, more than 1,200 tornadoes touch down and cause significant damage to property ($24,000 on average per affected homeowner). And because insurance may not cover everything, unprepared homeowners may experience significant financial costs – or worse, harm to their family. To prepare for […]

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Preventing & Addressing Water Damage This Spring

Once winter is over, the spring months bring on better weather – but also a potential for water damage. Homes and small businesses can experience damage due to flooding and moisture build-up. Worse, your insurance policy may not compensate you for spring-thaw flooding and backed-up sewers unless you’ve specifically purchased a rider for these purposes. […]

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Start of Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts on June 1st and ends on November 30th. According to the National Hurricane Center, 97% of all hurricanes occur during that time. Now that the 2019 hurricane season is in progress, it’s time to pay attention to storm progressions. Hurricanes are less likely at the beginning of the season but not impossible. […]

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6 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Now that spring is finally here and the cold is behind us, it’s time to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Take the time to inspect your home’s exterior to make sure it is properly sealed and ready for the spring showers. Our experts here at ServiceMaster Advantage put together the following list of […]

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Costliest Home Repairs After Disaster

We know property damage. In Houston, we’ve seen it all. From the severe floods that happened last September to a house being engulfed in flames from a cooking project gone awry, property disaster can happen at any time to anyone. But what are the costliest disasters that could possibly happen to your home or business […]

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Protecting Your Home from Thunderstorms

When you know a storm is on its way in the coming days or weeks, it’s important to prepare your home for potential damages. There are a variety of threats to your home or business at play during a storm including water damage, wind damage, hail and flying debris. Each of these should be considered […]

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