Flood Damage

There are a number of factors to consider when you have severe flooding or storm damage affect your home or business. It is more than likely that you’re overwhelmed, uncertain of the health risks involved and trying to connect with your insurance agent to see what resources are available to you. At ServiceMaster Advantage, we’ve come up with a shortlist of precautions to be aware of when returning to your property in Houston:

  • Confirm that the water supply in your home or business is safe to drink.

    News reports will let you know whether certain community’s water supplies have been contaminated due to the floodwaters. It’s a good idea to stock up on bottled water as well as get rid of any food products that would have come into contact with any floodwaters.

  • Wear protective clothing.

    Wear galosh boots, gloves and even masks. It’s crucial that you clean, sanitize and disinfect anything the floodwater came into contact with.

  • Ventilate.

    Open all the windows and doors to your property so that air can circulate and begin the drying process. Dehumidify as soon as possible.

  • Check your sewage systems.

    Damaged septic tanks, cesspools, pits and leaching systems are very serious health hazards. Have them serviced as soon as you can.

  • Begin your list of lost and damaged possessions.

    Include the age, value and description of all items damaged during the flood. If you have receipts for these items, that’s even better. Your insurance agent will ask you for this.

  • Isolate all items contaminated with mold.

    Seal any mold trash in plastic bags and remove them from your property immediately. If you have objects you’re hoping to salvage that have been affected by mold, dry or freeze them as soon as possible. Freezing can deactivate mold.

  • Prevent further mold growth.

    Any surface that was affected by floodwaters should be washed and disinfected.

These tips will help you get started on the recovery process for your property, but you will need a professional to properly dry and mitigate the severe water damage that has occurred. The structural integrity of your home or business’s foundation may be at stake and you will need the proper tools and equipment to thoroughly dry your property and belongings.

ServiceMaster Advantage is here to help. Call us 24/7; we’re standing by to help those in need in the Houston area.Debris cleanup in Houston, Texas

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