Water stains on the ceiling from water damageDiscoloration

Brownish or yellow water stains on ceilings or walls are a hallmark sign of water damage. These generally come from a water source above the ceiling like an upstairs bathroom. If you can’t figure out a direct source of where the water may be coming from, you might have a leaky or sweating pipe from inadequate insulation.


Warped wood from water damageWarped Wood, Walls and Flooring or Sagging Ceilings

A sagging ceiling or warped walls nearby the windows means that structural damage has already begun. It is possible there is already a larger problem behind the walls or above the ceiling going on.


Peeling paint from water damaged wall in Houston, TXPeeled Paint

If you see peeling paint on the inside (or even the outside) of your property and cannot find a direct cause, it could be water trapped in the walls. Repeated exposure to moisture, can cause water to get trapped underneath the paint, causing it to peel. If you find the drywall beneath the peeling paint is soft or swollen, it’s possible you’ll have to replace the wall itself. 


Mold damage from water damageMold

Any visible mold is a sure sign of excessive moisture where it shouldn’t be. Mold can only thrive in warm, moist conditions. If you see even a small amount of mold, there’s a chance of a whole lot you’re not seeing. Water damage and mold tend to go hand in hand. We can restore your water damaged property and remediate any mold you may find along with it.


ServiceMaster Advantage solves water damage problems in Houston – large or small. We can test moisture levels with advanced equipment and ensure your property dries properly. A minor water leak can turn into a major structural problem if neglected or not taken seriously. Contact us if you suspect water damage or notice any of the above signs!